Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our home away from home

Danny and I spent the weekend at our favorite vacation spot. It did take me a little longer to get adjusted since I was without my sweet Ellie for the first time. But there's nothing better for home sickness than a warm ocean breeze. (Yes, I did mean warm) Maybe I was meant to live on a coast.

Ahhh... Rocky Point

I love it for its way better that California beaches,

yummy fruit Popsicles
(and taco stands-not photographed),

nice, yet (occasionally) affordable condos

swimably, warm ocean
(I'd say April to November)

cheap beach attire

and hot surfer dudes.

I love just packing up our beach gear (chairs, towels, blanket, umbrella, smashball, frizbee, football, skim boards, water, snacks, sunscreen-we like to be prepared), heading down to the beach, and then enjoying hours of fun and relaxation.

I can't help but smile and want to be back just thinking about it. We've noticed that every time we go down, we spend the entire trip back trying to plan out our next trip. Do you blame us?

And I am not, by the way, trying to convince anyone to make a trip down. No offense, but we would be just as happy if we were the only ones there with the beach all to ourself.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Did I mention I hate Home Depot?

Because I do.

Aside from the fact that it is way too big, filled with way too many boring things, and causes my husband's mind to overflow with way too many new home improvement projects; it is now also a place that I will caution you to enter at your own risk (especially if the paint department is one of your destinations).

Let me explain.

While Ellie and I were there picking up a few paint supplies (already my second time in two days), we quickly became the target of a can of primer that a man a few feet away had dropped on the floor.


As if I didn't didn't hate Home Depot enough.

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Tricks

Ok, at this point, I can hardly keep up with all of Ellie's new tricks. And to someone who either has no kids, or quite a few, I'm sure these things seem like no big deal. But to me, her mom, the one who has been there from the beginning, it is the most fun and exciting thing ever.
So here's what we can do now.

Me: "What does the doggy say?"
Ellie: "Woof, woof, woof"
It really is darling.

A favorite for Ellie is throwing the ball. She's been honing her throwing skills for a while now (and I might add she's pretty good at it). But her newest trick is that she says "throw" while she's doing it.

And just this morning when Ellie saw those crunchy little orange crackers, what did she say??

Well, "fssshhh" of course.
There wasn't much "f", mostly just "sshh".

Yup, we've got a smart one.
(And no, I am not at all biased.)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

She did it.

She took her first steps today.
My baby is growing up.