Friday, July 30, 2010

Truck, truck to Boston

There's no such thing as too many pictures, right? I'm pretty sure I'm way past that point anyway. So here's the final round up.

Day 7 The train, the subway & another date
On Thursday we rode the train to Boston and then took the Subway to the Boston Common for lunch, sight seeing and shopping. Ellie even got a free book from Brattle's Bookstore. The worker called it the "young reader's discount". Then we were back on the train and home to our cottage just in time to drop of the kids for date night number two. This time pizza (Joe's) and ice cream cones (jumbo ones), after getting lost and aimlessly driving around Maine. Nothing like surfing, but still a nice getaway.

Funniest parking payment system I've ever seen.
But we folded up our dollar bills and pushed them down our numbered parking spot, as instructed. Apparently there were getting a brand new system, (a debit machine) the next day.

It's hard to find a good flock of pigeons to chase in Arizona.

Leave it to me to notice a yogurt shop, that of course we had to try out.
No complaints from Ellie.

Day 8 The museum
We looked at fish, picked up star fish, colored pictures and played at the playground.

Anytime we see some sort of sea creature, we can't help but relate it back to it's Finding Nemo character. This would be Flow.

Day 9
One last stop at Granddad's and aunt Pam's, and then off to the airport. We had a layover in Minneapolis. The flight there, very long and squirmy. At one point Chase got a hand full of the lady's hair in front of us. I made a mental note to laugh it off if the baby in the seat behind me ever gets a hold of my hair, because this lady definitely did not. And it's always best to just be friendly. She was lucky enough to get on our next flight as well, but not seated anywhere near us. Her and her mane would have been safe though, because Chase slept the rest of the way home.

What a great trip. So many fun memories. I just didn't think I could do it justice with out going through all it. And now when my memory fails me, I'll have this to look back on.

Thanks Nana and Grandpa. And Granddad, don't be surprised if you see us again soon.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The fun continues

The home of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence

Day 5: Toys, candy and dates

On Tuesday we went into Portsmouth for a run to a toy store and lunch. The adults enjoyed subs from Moe's, while enjoyed sandwich's with her second family.

Can you tell who doesn't belong?

After lunch we headed to Maine (about a 5 min drive) to shop at a deliciously dreamy candy store. I'm pretty sure Danny enjoyed himself the most and out bought the rest of the clan.

Ellie's candy of choice: Jelly Bellies

Danny's candy of choice: salt water taffy,cinnamon bears, gummy coke bottles and liquid filled wax bottles to name a few

As if that wasn't fun enough, come 5 o'clock we were off on our date. I know, who goes on dates on vacation? Well, thanks to Abbie's brilliant idea of swapping babysitting nights, we all did. I'm pretty sure this was my all-time favorite date, because it was spent surfing! I have always wanted to go surfing, and it did not disappoint. The only problem is now I want to be a surfer, but we definitely live in the wrong state for that.

Day 6: Breakfast, slides and a reunion

Wednesday we went to breakfast with Mike & Steph at a place called The Friendly Toast. We noticied quite a few restaurants and shops that went with "friendly" somewhere in the title. I guess it has an inviting ring to it. Anyway, after a little souvenir shopping for the kids we were on the road in search of a laundry mat. It wasn't long before Ellie took a turn for the worse. It may have had something to do with the fact that playing with Stella was more fun than eating her breakfast. Mickey pancakes no less, which says a lot about how much fun those girls have together. So we got some food in her tummy and let her slide to her heart's content, while Danny did the laundry. Not sure if that sounds like a fair trade.

Later that evening, reunion #2.There was lots of good company, a yummy dinner and lots of birthday cake and ice cream for Grandpa. I was quickly referred to as Chase's mom. He sure is a crowd pleaser, that Chase.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine

We had so much fun on our trip I can't stand the thought of forgetting anything about it. So I've decided to give a day by day, play by play (Or at least the good stuff.) I'm pretty sure it's more information than most people will care to get. But too bad.

Day 1: The Departure & a discovery

Games at the airport
(Everything is more fun when Cathy and Ben are around.)

We all gathered at the airport Friday night around 8 o'clock. It's hard to say whether or not it was worth taking the red eye and getting zero sleep the first night of our vacation. It was great that the kids could sleep instead of squirm, but I was pretty sure it was the worst idea ever come Saturday afternoon when Danny and I were both dying for a nap. We got just a bit of sleep before Ellie and Chase managed to spill raisins and Cheerios all over our little studio living area. Nothing funner that making a mess I suppose. It's a good thing the car rental people didn't know what our little kiddos are capable of, because we ended up with a 2010 Chevy Malibu with only 6 miles on it. Probably the newest car we'll ever drive. (Oops I'm already getting ahead of myself.)

And the discovery? Chase's first tooth. Yeah Chase! Well worth the nearly ten months it took to make it out in the open.

Day 2: Granddad's and Aunt Pam's

Here kitty, kitty

Saturday morning we stopped by Aunt Pam's for breakfast and bubble making toys for the kids. You can never go wrong with bubbles. And then on to Granddad's, where he greeted all of us by name, baby's included. (Thanks for keeping up with all of us and our growing families granddad :). The kids roamed his huge grassy lawn, played tag, searched for bunnies, found Sabrina (Granddad's rather large cat) and got money for souvenirs.

Then on to our home for the week at the Crown Colony Cottage, complete with two queen beds, kitchen and living room all in a single living area. Not many people can cook scramble eggs while sitting on their bed. Small, but cute. (We do now feel like our little 1,000 sq. ft, two bedroom home is a mansion.) But I'll take tiny any day when you've got a view of the ocean and a big grassy field for all the cousins to run around on.

Day 3: Good intentions and a reunion

Sunday morning I got up feeling surprisingly well rested for a 6am wake up. It wasn't until the kids were all bathed and we were minutes from being ready for 9am church , that we realized why. We'd been going by AZ time, and were three hours off. Everyone was already home from church and changed into their reunion shirts. Oops.

So on to reunion number one. We were the hit of the party with our matching shirts.

Day 4: Candle pin bowling

Skinny pins and little, lightweight balls. Think skee ball on a bowling lane. It's definitely not my sport, but Ellie won the prize for style.

Oh yes, there is more trip fun to come!

Monday, July 26, 2010

According to Chase

Who needs sleep to be happy?

Watch out for big sis.

Wet grass

Dad time = happy Chase (& happy mom)

This one ended ugly.

Sometimes it's nice to just sit.

Why walk, when you can climb?

Eagle head walking sticks are much more exciting than toys.

It won't be long.

Bye bye New England.

Hurray for more trip details to come!

Back from our trip to New England

I think it may have been our most enjoyable family vacation yet.

But it sure is good to be home.

(Lots more pictures to come.)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One year older.

Yesterday was Ellie's 3rd birthday.

It was a very fun day.

Ellie and I saw Toy Story 3, complete with 3-D glasses, while Chase played at aunt Abbie's. Ellie offered to go with him and take care of him so he wouldn't cry, while I went to the movies by myself. There's not many places funner than her cousin's house, but she did enjoy the show.

We had a hot dog dinner per Ellie's request. It was her first time finishing off an entire dog.

In the evening we gathered with all of her favorite people for cupcakes, cake, presents and a pinata. We had pink cupcakes for Ellie and a carrot cake for uncle Mike, who is lucky enough to share her birthday.

She opened lots of fun presents, but seemed more interest in the opening, than the actual presents. Today is when the fun with presents begins.

I love that the day was low key but still a special and fun day.

I love celebrating birthdays.