Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi Chase,

or should I call you bruiser.

The standing and climbing is going well, until you fall. I hope your pretty little face survives it all. Mostly I hope you survive all of the torment from you sister. She loves you, really she does. But she's still learning how to share her toys...and her mom. So go easy on her when you're all grown up and much bigger and stronger than her. She may need you to help protect her from a mean bully some day. Or to make sure the boys treat her well. I bet you'll be a good brother.

Someday I think you might become a brain surgeon, or a concert pianist, or a major league pitcher. You have amazing coordination and accuracy with your little hands. It may look like you're just throwing them around, but then you always grab just exactly what you're aiming for. The edge of mom's dinner plate, the spoon sticking out of you sister's yogurt, or that tiny wrapper I meant to pick up off the floor. Yes, you are good.

And if you could do me a favor and skip the terrible two's, I'd really appreciate it.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's good to be a mom.

I have been thinking a lot lately about trying to find more joy in being a mom. I know it is a divine calling. I know that my influence on my home and family is a big one, and irreplaceable. Even knowing all of this, sometimes I lose sight of my role and give in to the daily stresses. (Yes, there is even some griping involved.) But I will keep at it. And it sure is easier when I can remember these precious relationships we're building aren't just for this life, but can carry on into the eternities.

I love reading The Family: A Proclamation to the World, and remembering car rides spent memorizing it with my hubby. (We're probably a bit rusty these days.) I love peeking in on my sleeping babies, and peeking in on my hubby peeking in on our sleeping babies. I love seeing how happy my little Chasey gets when I come around his corner in the morning. I love finding out how clever my Ellie belly really is, and helpful too. I love all of these little reminders that it's good to be a mom.

I also love the three wonderful mother's in my life. And their mother's for having them. (This could go on and on.) Happy Mother's Day.

My silly kids
"Ahhh Chase, help me!" -Ellie

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank you Pandora.

My new favorite picture

I think every day should begin with a jog out in the fresh morning air, some cleaning, baking, and a little music. Or a lot played really loudly. (I know honey, what has come over me??) A least that's what we did this morning, and it was quite nice. One thing's for sure, Ellie can't help but shake it when she's got something to dance to. (She's surprisingly good) This morning it was Ingrid Michaelson radio on Pandora. I'd recommend it.


Poor little package had a rough trip.

My Mother's day present came early this year. (I know, who gets real presents for Mother's Day?) And I just had to open it. Very unlike me, but it did come all the way from Lithuania. And I may have already known what was inside. See, sometimes I send my hubby random emails with links to some fun item I found online that I'd like to buy. But I'm usually not too serious or just forget about it shortly after. This time he pulled the trigger.

And it's lovely.

Monday, May 3, 2010

True story.

Today while I was doing some straightening and Ellie was soundly sleeping, Chase decided to do some exploring. He's always up for getting into some kind of trouble. Off he headed to Ellie's room. I didn't hear him getting into anything, but as I turned the corner to make sure he wasn't disturbing Ellie, I heard her moving around, and then

the sound of sucking.

Yep, he was sucking on her big toe. I wanted to roll on the floor laughing, but instead I whisked him away hoping Ellie would just keep on sleeping. And she did. She's a sound sleeper.