Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our very own

double rainbow.

I love thunder and lightning.
And I love when it rains when the sun it out.
Yesterday's monsoon storm was perfect.

Chase loves water dropping from the sky.

Friday, August 20, 2010

a picture and a story

I have had a lot of Chase pictures lately, but this one comes with a story.

It was time for Ellie's nap so I put Chase in his bouncer with his blanket and bottle. It's much safer when he's "contained", otherwise there's no telling what he'll get into, or get stuck on, or climb up on and fall off of. It's a great routine. After Ellie had fallen asleep, Chase wasn't complaining, so I went in my room for a little me time. Maybe 10 minutes later I hear the pitter-patter of a baby crawling across the kitchen floor.

Huh, that's not possible. Chase is in the bouncer.
Moments later, huh, Chase is in my room.

I realize nothing should surprise me at this point. (Like how another mom at the gym this morning told me she saw Chase through the netting up in the second level of the big kid play place and didn't think someone so little could make it up there. I didn't either. Apparently he likes to climb backward up the slide.) I just don't get how I didn't even hear a crash or a bonk or anything. Ellie wasn't much into climbing, so I thought Chase's obvious love for it was just a boy thing. But now I'm pretty sure it's a Chase thing.

I still don't know how he got out of that thing.

All aboard

The Chasey Train

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He won't be sitting for long.

I think we're days away from walking instead crawling. He's taken a few good strings of steps, but mostly, Chase is content climbing. Into boxes, bathtubs, up on chairs, steps, stools, couches, beds. Anything that gets him up higher or into a bit of trouble. He may look innocent, but that's all part of his plan. Luckily he's also pretty noisy, so it doesn't take long to track him down.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A souvenir.

Any guesses where we got the bib?

Oh, and we now play peek-a-boo.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A little chat.

Last night night while I was putting Ellie to bed I decided to stay and rest with her for awhile. I usually just rush out and leave the finishing up duties to Danny. As we were laying there we got talking about lot of random topics: how Ellie is afraid of dinosaurs (I had no idea, but told her she was in luck because they are extinct), how she got pushed by Sophie, who didn't say sorry (likely not the whole story) and how the Holy Ghost helps us. As I talked with her about each of the random topics that she would bring up, I realized that I was having a very real and grown up conversation with my little girl. She is so grown up. When did that happen?