Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This calls for a celebration!

We had some exciting happenings today. So exciting that a post was in order. (Wow, it's been a while.)

First up, Ellie's first day of her second year of preschool. Same teacher, new kids. (One more year til kindergarten.)

We may have had some nerves last year, but this year was a piece of cake. Ellie was ready to go with her first day of school pose picked out and everything. When we got to her school and I started getting out of the car she said "Mom, I can go all by myself." Luckily she let me take a few more pictures, and then off she went.

And in other news, we got a dog! It was time. Ellie and Chase love animals and were ready to have one to call their one. I felt good about it, which is kind of a shocker, and Danny has always felt good about it, so we went for it. Here's our new pup Rusty.

He's cute, but I can't wait til he's out of my laundry room, and roaming his official home in the backyard. One more day:)