Monday, November 5, 2007

The Big Race

Danny and I participated in our very first duathlon in Casa Grande this weekend. It was very fun and definitely recommendable. Danny chooses not to use the word "fun" to describe it, but he's glad we did it.

The only thing we'd do different, besides NOT get lost on the bike course and go 5 extra miles, is rent or own, (depending on how "hard core" Danny wants to become) a nice road bike. We were definitely put to shame by people of all shapes, sizes and ages, who whizzed past us on their fancy bikes wearing their fancy helmets.

BUT... we did both place 2nd in our age group. I won't get into how many people per age group. Good times.


Stephanie said...

aren't you guys sneaky. had we known, maybe we would have come cheer you on! congrats!

Abbie said...

Are you guys running the Turkey Trot? Early registration ends on the 15th I think.

Lindsi said...

No. We'll be outta here.