Thursday, June 18, 2009


Leaving your child alone with a tub of cream cheese may result in this:

Of course it wasn't until she tried hiding from me that her face looked like this:

My fault.


Andrea Gunnell said...

So cute! I'm so excited that she's going to have a brother soon. I think it's been too long since I've talked to you since I didn't even know you were having a boy until I got your baby shower announcement! I am excited to see you then!

Cathy said...

I think leaving your child alone with a knife might be a little worse.

Emily said...

I think that girl just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Christa Johnson said...

those pictures are soooo adorable!! Messy makes the best pictures!!! I guess you won't do that again...he!he!
Did I read that top comment right... your going to have a boy???!!! Congradulations!!!!
Love, The Johnson's

heidi lou said...

Lindsi, you're so cute and I miss the 20th ward! hope everything's going well.