Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Chase,

I am very happy we have finally decided on a name for you.

And I think you're really going to like you new room.
Ellie is still keeping your crib warm for you.

We are very excited to see you.
So come see us soon.

Your mama


Alexis said...

awesome room!!!
i lthink he will love it!

stephanie said...

oh it's so cute, lindsi! i have got to come see it in person.

Marni said...

Love the tree!! :) good job! I can't wait until Chase gets here too!! He is going to be soo cute! hey! Isn't that the outfit that I gave you? ;)

MeL said...

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of ecstatic about the choice of if we can just produce any children by the time you have your next one, we might be able to keep Mason for ourselves! The room is absolutely precious, only a few more days right?

Emily said...

Beautiful room!

Skye said...

It looks so cute! Congratulations & good luck.

Karli said...

The room is PERFECT! I've got to ask... is the tree a vinyl decal or did you paint that yourself? I really, really, REALLY LOVE it! Fabulous job!

Lindsi said...

I painted the tree, kind of. I just traced it from one I printed off online and then projected up on wall. A brilliant idea from my sister in law Abbie.