Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today has been a very pleasant day.

Chase slept through the entire three hours of church and 30 min Relief Society meeting following, which makes me feel grateful and spoiled. Yes, I kinda enjoy feeling spoiled.

And then, everyone peacefully slept while I made a very delicious looking, veggie-filled salad for family dinner later today. I find salad assembling somehow peaceful and soothing to my soul.

And Now, I am sitting down to eat some yummy butternut squash and to read some uplifting and enlightening words. Yes, my nap will have to wait. Honestly, it's never been one of my favorite things to do anyway.

And for your viewing pleasure,

a new haircut

I do kinda miss this old awkwardly placed hair.

But Danny wanted his boy sporting the buzz cut.
I draw the line with my girls, but I thought I'd let Danny have his fun with his little boy.


Christa Johnson said...

wow! Your kids are simply adorable!!!

Nielsens said...

You have such cute babies:) Im totally jealous that your little one slept through church. Im lucky if my youngest falls asleep at church during his nap time.

stephanie said...

your salad was really yummy.