Monday, April 19, 2010


There is quite a bit of the day to go and I've already been able to enjoy

preparing a Family Home Evening lesson, complete with Treasure Hunt, that is sure to please
(Not that Ellie is hard to please. She gets excited just singing "When the Family Gets Together" our weekly opening song)

a lunch time jog to the fountain and then some frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries

both kids asleep at the same time

and a loving note on the shower wall.
Just the thought of Danny arranging Ellie's letters, in the buff, mid shower cracks me up (a little pun intended).
What a sweetheart

I could probably find something to complain about if I tried, a lovely talent of mine, but I've decided not to.
And so far it's working out pretty good.

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Christa Johnson said...

what a wonderful day!! and looking at the positive always makes the day seem soooo much better. That shower message is sooooo adorable!!!
I really enjoyed seeing your kids and I really, really have a soft spot for Ellie!!!! (It helps that she is drawn to me as well and loves to sit on my lap)
Love ya,