Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feelin' a little drab?

Wear sequins.
That's what Ellie does. What do you do?


Stephanie said...

somehow i don't think that sequin headband would look as cute on me.

Karli Adele said...

Lindsi, you've been tagged!

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Have fun!

Karli Adele said...

By the way... I'm loving the sequins!

Spencer said...

Hey Danny and Lindsi, how are you? Are you still living in Maricopa North Stake? I drove by that house a few days ago and thought of you guys. Also, congrats on the little girl. She is a cutie.


Jacob and Heather said...

Spencer convinced me to start a blog and now when we find a friend's blog we let each other know. Congrats on your little munchin.