Tuesday, October 16, 2007

See any resemblance??

Yeah, me neither.

Ellie definitely takes after the Court side of the family. But this is cousin Brigham during my sister's recent trip to Arizona. I should point out that this picture doesn't do justice for how huge our little man Brig is.

We miss you Brigham!


Stephanie said...

he's so cute and manly! but no, there is no resemblence. that's a cute shot of ellie, though.

Abbie said...

Sorry, looks like Danny's (and Mike's) genes are too overpowering. Not mine though, somehow mine are weak. I think Brig looks like your side of the family though.

nana said...

Those Court genes are pretty strong. Sophie may look like Jake, but she is a girl, and that is definitely not a Lewis trait.

Nancy Face said...

Lauren found your blog and told me about it...I love it, and I ♥ Ellie! :o)