Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smarty Pants

Ellie has been such a little busy body lately, now that she's walking all over the place. She's always loved getting into things (drawers, cupboards, baskets, bins, etc.).
But today she came walking in to me with an armful of diapers. She's never gotten into her diaper basket before, so I was a little surprised to see she'd emptied it out.

I had just changed her and didn't smell anything stinky, but decided to check her diaper anyway. And sure enough, my little smarty pants, had a little poopy in her pants.
Watching her get smarter and smarter just never gets old.

(A classic Ellie face)


Andrea Gunnell said...

I love the classic faces children make! She is just so cute.
It's funny how we think the first time they get into something it's really cute, but after about the 100th time it's not so cute anymore:)

nana said...

She is so smart, so cute and so loveable!! I may be a little biased!