Monday, August 24, 2009

Not today.

Mondays are usually busy days.
I have a long list of to do's, house cleaning to conquer, errands to run, and more lists to make.
Before I know it,
the day is done.
And for all of that, I love Mondays.

But right I am ignoring all of the "urgencies" of errands and to do's.
I am not going.
I am not doing.

Instead I'm relaxing and watching Ellie do this:

And then waiting to see what new items she decides need to come out and join the fun.

(Or don't make the cut. I've just been handed the diaper.)

There will be plenty of time for busyness tomorrow, right?


Christa Johnson said...

I love your commentary. It really gives everyone a great idea of Ellie's personality! So cute!!! And I think mom's should always relish the small moments with their kiddos!

Emily said...

Absolutely right:)