Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A little chat.

Last night night while I was putting Ellie to bed I decided to stay and rest with her for awhile. I usually just rush out and leave the finishing up duties to Danny. As we were laying there we got talking about lot of random topics: how Ellie is afraid of dinosaurs (I had no idea, but told her she was in luck because they are extinct), how she got pushed by Sophie, who didn't say sorry (likely not the whole story) and how the Holy Ghost helps us. As I talked with her about each of the random topics that she would bring up, I realized that I was having a very real and grown up conversation with my little girl. She is so grown up. When did that happen?

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Christa Johnson said...

oh... it does happen fast, huh?
I have to remind myself to try to "find" those moments to sit and really listen, listen to them growing up.