Thursday, January 20, 2011

The face of Chase

... at the zoo.

Let the day begin.

It's hard to imagine it could get much better than that. And we hadn't even gotten out of the parking lot.

"that's a big giraffe" face

"pretty bird" face

You can't see his face, but I assure you it was a good one.

And Chase's favorite thing by far...
(and my favorite face)

You can't fake that kind of excitement.

the goats at the petting zoo.

Oh and Ellie was there too.
Actually, it was her field trip.

But I didn't see as much of her. She had more important people to hang with. No offense taken. I could never compete with the Bomma (my mom) or Mrs. B, her very first preschool teacher. She kept saying she wanted to hold her hand and then halfway through the morning she finally got up the gumption to go grab it. There wasn't much that could separate her from Mrs.'s B after that. It was sweet. The kids provided much more entertainment than the animals.


Christa Johnson said...

those pictures are simply adorable!! You need to blow up the one of Chase smiling and put it on your wall. Your kids are so beautiful!! "Bomma" is such a cute nickname!!!!Love it!

Andrea Gunnell said...

I love those pictures! The one that is "your favorite" is a GREAT picture. Love it!