Friday, January 21, 2011

Speaking of faces.

The other day while we were enjoying watching Chase make his favorite face (it's silly, but I think it's rather serious to him), my sister in law asked if we'd gotten a picture of it yet. Actually we hadn't (I blame all those months with no camera), until now. It did take him a minute to get it right.

that's not it

that's not it either


a little too smiley

There she is.
The Classic Chase face

(Did I mention I'm loving my new camera?)


Christa Johnson said...

That is one amazing "Chase" face!!! He looks so old now!!!! you guys need to come over and play at our house again. I love your kiddos!

nana said...

You have to give the sound effects also: "Oh, oh, oh, oh" !! Love our Chase.