Friday, September 5, 2008

A recap.

1.Silly time with Ellie,
(whose memory was sparked about swimming with dad yesterday, and insisted on putting her suit on-I decided not to trade them out with her shorts.)

Ellie is always up for a game of dress up- by the way.

2. A sparkling kitchen floor
doesn't happen often enough and never lasts long enough.

3. Homemade lasagna
without even a word of complaint that it's leftovers.
(That's my girl.)

4. A sweet treat from "the shop"
in the form of a boysenberry cone meant for dad (fat chance daddo).

5. Sleepy-time for Ellie, tv time for Dad
(I'd mention the walk we went on before bed where Ellie decided she wanted out of her stroller and into mom's arm- and then mom decided she needed a break and rode the rest of the way home in the stroller, with Ellie on her lap, while dad pushed. But since there aren't any pictures to prove it, I thought it'd be way too unbelievable. I mean seriously- a mom in a stroller??)

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Chris & Tatiana said...

She is so cute. We saw her at Scott Cook's reception and she was adorable just waddling everywhere!