Friday, September 19, 2008

A Thank You Note

Dearest Danny,

Thank you for the Fan-ta-stic date last night. It was fabulous having seats so close to home plate that we could leave the binoculars at home (a first for me). All because you are one awesome fish-sitter, of course. And we may not have made it for the first couple innings, but it would have been the 9th if not for you distracting Ellie during dinner back at home (and cleaned it all up). And even though we didn't catch a foul ball, the fear that one could easily smack me in the side of the head was good motivation for me to keep my eyes on the field-I tend to watch the people around me more than the game. And thanks for not objecting when I requested my favorite treat (frozen yogurt), which cost us 5 times what it's actually worth. And then when the lady right behind us was talking really loud on her cell phone (enough to annoy anyone) you didn't even "accidentally" drop your drumstick in her lap or tell her to shut her yapper. And because you're so good looking, we made it on the Jumbo Tron, twice.
Then when we got home ,you used your magic stay asleep while I carry you to bed potion on our little babe, slipping her safely and soundly into her crib, rescuing a grandma and auntie who don't have the recipe yet. Then with the midnight hour not nearly far enough away, you respond to a wife's tired, and somewhat delirious statement (or possible complaint) about the continual little clutters that are difficult to keep up with. So as I lay with my face burrowed in the bed wishing I was sound asleep, I could hear the sounds of cups getting put in the sink, shoes getting put in closets, and toys being put in baskets. Yes I noticed, and yes it was enough to put a smile on my face and a relaxing aaaahh in my head.
Thanks hun, you really are the best.


(My proof of the excellent seats)


Christa Johnson said...

I loved this blog entry. You need to make your blog into a book and show it to your kids someday. I just love your random snipets of your life, they are awesome!! Your a very good writer!!! Maybe you should go to school to be a teacher????!!!! He!!He!!

Emily said...

Sounds like you've got yourself a keeper.