Thursday, March 25, 2010

Believe it or not,

I look forward to the days when the sun feels warm and toasty again, and the chill in the air is gone. Then instead of lugging around a big coat, I can just go out and sit in the sun to warm up.

So today when I was shivering after eating some delicious frozen yogurt, I found some good company, sat out in the sun, and watched Ellie play in the water.

We will definitely being doing this again soon.


Nielsens said...

We have been soaking up the sun a lot lately too:) We should get together sometime before it gets too hot.

Skye said...

NOT fair. It's still between 40 and 50 here in UT, it snowed 3 days ago. But somehow kids don't mind the cold and 45 feels warm to us so we're outside too.

Emily said...

I wish we had a splash pad in our little town!