Friday, March 26, 2010

Sometimes things just work out.

Ellie is my little girl, filled with all kinds of personality. It's taken me awhile to notice unique things about her personality because I just assumed that is how all kids are. Always wanting to be in on all the action, chattering away about this or that and being willing to do the talking for everyone around her. So of course with her new little brother around, she is constantly giving him hugs, kisses, squishes, whatever it is that he may or may not be wanting at the time.

So today, when she saw me put him in his crib for a nap, she decided she wanted to join in and read him some books. He was wide awake and kind of squirmy and fussy, so I plopped her and a few books in next to him and went about my business. After some noise, and then a few minutes of silence, I hear Ellie say "Wake up Chase, wake up!". Sure enough, she had read him to sleep, (although it must not have been her intent). So I quickly removed her from the crib and enjoyed a sleeping baby. I think they're going to make quite the pair.

Yes, she does the dishes too.


Emily said...

That picture is fantastic! So was the story:) Elora fell asleep in the car yesterday and Jonah had to hold her hand and try to shake her awake after that.

MiMi's Babies said...

That is too sweet! And I love that little chubby chunk in the sink!
Too cute! Just stumbled into your blog from...somewhere, who knows?!
Love it!
Stop by and see us sometime!