Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi Chase,

or should I call you bruiser.

The standing and climbing is going well, until you fall. I hope your pretty little face survives it all. Mostly I hope you survive all of the torment from you sister. She loves you, really she does. But she's still learning how to share her toys...and her mom. So go easy on her when you're all grown up and much bigger and stronger than her. She may need you to help protect her from a mean bully some day. Or to make sure the boys treat her well. I bet you'll be a good brother.

Someday I think you might become a brain surgeon, or a concert pianist, or a major league pitcher. You have amazing coordination and accuracy with your little hands. It may look like you're just throwing them around, but then you always grab just exactly what you're aiming for. The edge of mom's dinner plate, the spoon sticking out of you sister's yogurt, or that tiny wrapper I meant to pick up off the floor. Yes, you are good.

And if you could do me a favor and skip the terrible two's, I'd really appreciate it.


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MeL said...

Ellie told me that Terrible Twos don't exist at your I not to believe her?

Those kids of yours sure are cuties, hopefully your #3 and #4 will like our kids as much as I like your kids!