Friday, July 30, 2010

Truck, truck to Boston

There's no such thing as too many pictures, right? I'm pretty sure I'm way past that point anyway. So here's the final round up.

Day 7 The train, the subway & another date
On Thursday we rode the train to Boston and then took the Subway to the Boston Common for lunch, sight seeing and shopping. Ellie even got a free book from Brattle's Bookstore. The worker called it the "young reader's discount". Then we were back on the train and home to our cottage just in time to drop of the kids for date night number two. This time pizza (Joe's) and ice cream cones (jumbo ones), after getting lost and aimlessly driving around Maine. Nothing like surfing, but still a nice getaway.

Funniest parking payment system I've ever seen.
But we folded up our dollar bills and pushed them down our numbered parking spot, as instructed. Apparently there were getting a brand new system, (a debit machine) the next day.

It's hard to find a good flock of pigeons to chase in Arizona.

Leave it to me to notice a yogurt shop, that of course we had to try out.
No complaints from Ellie.

Day 8 The museum
We looked at fish, picked up star fish, colored pictures and played at the playground.

Anytime we see some sort of sea creature, we can't help but relate it back to it's Finding Nemo character. This would be Flow.

Day 9
One last stop at Granddad's and aunt Pam's, and then off to the airport. We had a layover in Minneapolis. The flight there, very long and squirmy. At one point Chase got a hand full of the lady's hair in front of us. I made a mental note to laugh it off if the baby in the seat behind me ever gets a hold of my hair, because this lady definitely did not. And it's always best to just be friendly. She was lucky enough to get on our next flight as well, but not seated anywhere near us. Her and her mane would have been safe though, because Chase slept the rest of the way home.

What a great trip. So many fun memories. I just didn't think I could do it justice with out going through all it. And now when my memory fails me, I'll have this to look back on.

Thanks Nana and Grandpa. And Granddad, don't be surprised if you see us again soon.


Andrea Gunnell said...

Sounds like tons of fun. I'm glad you had such a great time. I love going on vacations and I can't wait until we can go again someday!

nana said...

I looked up the bookstore, it's famous.

Christa Johnson said...

What an amazing trip!! I am in awe at how many things you packed into the vacation. How fun!! And you even dared taking too small children across the country.... wow!!
I talked to your mom about a preschool you just got Ellie into and I was wondering if there is any room in it for Will? It seems more reasonably priced than any others I have heard about. Just wondering.

Alexis said...

Lindsi! I'm so glad you loved New England and even got to take a little drive into Maine. Made me homesick just looking at your pictures and hearing the names of familiar places. Now I'm living in LA and I've been surfing more in Maine than I have here...maybe you should come out and we can go together:) Thanks for sharing!!