Monday, August 11, 2008

I hear it's good to say five nice things for every bad one.

Ellie is darling.
She makes me smile.
She makes random strangers smile.
(Which makes me smile some more.)
She has the cutest chubs out there...and everywhere.
(Again, I am smiling)
We love our little Bella Bella.

But Ellie will never get the good napper award.
I suppose I am to blame.

I know, someday I will look back and wish that I could go back to the days of devoting several hours a day to putting Ellie to sleep for naps and bedtimes.

But that day is not today.


Emily said...

Jonah can win the good napper award and Ellie can win the cutest pigtails award.

*Becky* said...

I love her cute little face with those cheeks!

Karli said...

I'm just going to suggest "Healthy Sleep Habits: Happy Child" - check it out from the library. It changed our lives forever! Good luck!

Cathy said...

sweet pigtails