Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Day.

3:00 am Ellie wakes up (crying).

3:01 am Dad wakes up and nudges mom.

3:02 am Mom wakes up (kinda) and gets Ellie, the cup of Kix and drink of milk Ellie can't live without, and starts Nemo.

6:15 am Ellie and mom go for a jog (cause we're still awake).

7:30 am Dad goes to work with breakfast in belly and lunch in hand.

9:15 am Ellie takes a nap. Mom got distracted and didn't.

11:00am Ellie is awake.

2:30pm Ellie is asleep. Mom has plans to nap.

5:00pm Ellie is awake. Oops mom forgot to sleep again.

5:30pm Pilates (always a jump start).

7:45pm Dad puts Ellie to bed. Yeah dad:)

10:00pm Dad goes to bed. Mom goes to bed (almost).

Days like this make me think sleep is a waste of time anyway. I had a good 3 extra hour to get stuff done today. It's usually by day two that I realize there are some wholes in my plan.


Andrea Gunnell said...

I have found that if I'm tired it's much better if I get a nap because I am much more patient and understanding with my children if I do. When I try to get things done instead of taking a nap I end up being grouchy at the end of the day. I have taken a lot of naps lately, but I am a much happier person because of it!!!
Now if you are reading this and Ellie is sleeping...my advice, stop reading and go take a nap:)

Emily said...

If Jonah woke up at 3am I certainly wouldn't let him leave his room. You're crazy getting up for the day that early. I suggest room-darkening shades and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child book if this is a regular occurance.

Lindsi said...

Let me just say that by "My Day" I meant my day that day. I definitely wouldn't last too long if that was a normal occurrence. I think some of Ellie's big molars are breaking through, so she's a bit down in the dumps. Poor girl.

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Your Ellie is so cute.What a busy mom you are. It seems like a 100 years ago that you and your cousins were little people who were not fond of naps. Time flies. We love you and yours very much.