Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One year older.

Yesterday was Ellie's 3rd birthday.

It was a very fun day.

Ellie and I saw Toy Story 3, complete with 3-D glasses, while Chase played at aunt Abbie's. Ellie offered to go with him and take care of him so he wouldn't cry, while I went to the movies by myself. There's not many places funner than her cousin's house, but she did enjoy the show.

We had a hot dog dinner per Ellie's request. It was her first time finishing off an entire dog.

In the evening we gathered with all of her favorite people for cupcakes, cake, presents and a pinata. We had pink cupcakes for Ellie and a carrot cake for uncle Mike, who is lucky enough to share her birthday.

She opened lots of fun presents, but seemed more interest in the opening, than the actual presents. Today is when the fun with presents begins.

I love that the day was low key but still a special and fun day.

I love celebrating birthdays.


Andrea Gunnell said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! We need to do something again soon.

stephanie said...

it was a great party!

Laurie said...

Happy birthday, Ellie!

We love that girl! Never feel bad that she comes to sit with us in church. We love it. You've taught her well, so she's no trouble at all!