Thursday, July 29, 2010

The fun continues

The home of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence

Day 5: Toys, candy and dates

On Tuesday we went into Portsmouth for a run to a toy store and lunch. The adults enjoyed subs from Moe's, while enjoyed sandwich's with her second family.

Can you tell who doesn't belong?

After lunch we headed to Maine (about a 5 min drive) to shop at a deliciously dreamy candy store. I'm pretty sure Danny enjoyed himself the most and out bought the rest of the clan.

Ellie's candy of choice: Jelly Bellies

Danny's candy of choice: salt water taffy,cinnamon bears, gummy coke bottles and liquid filled wax bottles to name a few

As if that wasn't fun enough, come 5 o'clock we were off on our date. I know, who goes on dates on vacation? Well, thanks to Abbie's brilliant idea of swapping babysitting nights, we all did. I'm pretty sure this was my all-time favorite date, because it was spent surfing! I have always wanted to go surfing, and it did not disappoint. The only problem is now I want to be a surfer, but we definitely live in the wrong state for that.

Day 6: Breakfast, slides and a reunion

Wednesday we went to breakfast with Mike & Steph at a place called The Friendly Toast. We noticied quite a few restaurants and shops that went with "friendly" somewhere in the title. I guess it has an inviting ring to it. Anyway, after a little souvenir shopping for the kids we were on the road in search of a laundry mat. It wasn't long before Ellie took a turn for the worse. It may have had something to do with the fact that playing with Stella was more fun than eating her breakfast. Mickey pancakes no less, which says a lot about how much fun those girls have together. So we got some food in her tummy and let her slide to her heart's content, while Danny did the laundry. Not sure if that sounds like a fair trade.

Later that evening, reunion #2.There was lots of good company, a yummy dinner and lots of birthday cake and ice cream for Grandpa. I was quickly referred to as Chase's mom. He sure is a crowd pleaser, that Chase.


stephanie said...

ooo, excellent surfing form, lindsi!

p.s. stella misses ellie.

Christa Johnson said...

Amazing!! Simply Amazing!! I can't believe you have been surfing!!!! I am soooo jealous!! You guys are amazing!!!! What an amazing couple you are!!!
Your very jealous-cousin-sort-of-person,

Emily said...

Love this bottom picture:)
I found surfing exhausting. I like being pulled behind a boat rather than doing all that paddling;)

brimstan said...

Thanks for sharing your trip.